Update Your Home with a Moroccan Decor

With the onset of summer, be inspired and refresh your home with a completely different style. Moroccan themes are very popular and a great theme to use as it’s easy to update your interiors to give a warm and vibrant look. A Moroccan theme is versatile and also great for a winter look using rich colours and fabrics.


If you want to go all out and decorate your room to emulate a Moroccan style, choose warm and bold colours that are associated with with the warm climes of Morocco. Colours include deep red, purple, ochre yellow, orange, purple and fuschia pink and emulate their warm spices, weather and bright flowers. By using bold and bright colours you will create an immersive and evocative Moroccan feel to your room. Add large palm plants in  planters in your sitting or dining area to add interest and enhance the Moroccan ambience.


Curtain fabrics

We have a wide range of blind and curtain fabrics in our shops that can bring to life a Moorish and colourful interior design.  There are lots of options to choose from. You can use brightly coloured silk fabric such as green, fuschia, orange or purple for curtains and blinds. You can also choose fabrics with strong print patterns and bold colours and mix and match the exotic colours or prints together.

You could also choose heavier curtain fabrics to give a luxurious, Moroccan feel in rich reds or purples and add fringing to the curtains. Choosing gold fabrics and a gold colour theme is another wonderful option to go for, and combining gold with deep reds and purples will give exotic opulence to any room.

Soft furnishings and accessories

If you would rather give a subtle touch of Morocco to your home you can easily add accessories and soft furnishings to rooms. There are many types of cushions to choose from that give a Moroccan ambience such as rich tapestry, embroidered, beaded and tiny mirrored cushions which are ideal to scatter round your home.



Use rich embroidered or gold bed linen or bed linen in rich red, purple or orange colours. You can also add woven wool or fabric rugs in bright patterns or rich, exotic colours to give a twist to your decor.

Patterned candle lanterns in a range of finishes and designs are very en vogue and can be used in summer or winter. Choose from antique gold, silver or black and place or hang them around your home for an instant Moroccan touch. The intricate cut-out patterns in the lantern give a soft, warm glow and look beautiful when the candles are lit. You can also add Moroccan pendant light shades that are available in a variety of finished metals or glass and look really effective.

Swap out your sofa and coffee table with a day bed and larger, lower table and add large, plump floor cushions and Moroccan style pouffe cushions. We have a range of fabrics that would make ideal floor cushions and pouffes. You could also use smaller side tables with large metal trays giving a lovely Moroccan, communal feel to your sitting areas.  Moroccan tea glasses and glassware are also beautiful touches that you can add with the trays. Glassware comes in many rich, exotic colours with gold patters including purple, red, turquoise and green.


Moroccan glassware


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